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My name is Kevin Hernandez: 

I am a strength and conditioning coach with the desire to expand my knowledge in the world of Fitness. My background comes through soccer, boxing training and wrestling. My journey in the fitness industry began when I started working for Coast Fitness South Bay where I am currently at now. I was exposed to this amazing world of achievement, success, goals and long health living surrounded by knowledgeable trainers.  I grew passion in the field and I first received my first PT certification from SCROC which is a technical school located in the city of Torrance CA. With my first certificate of training I moved on to doing small P.T sessions on the side in order to continue my knowledge and practice in performance training. I then fell in love with the sport of Crossfit, which I still practice and went for my Crossfit L1T Cert.

I believe that health and fitness is more than fighting an insecurity or feeling less because of the way you look, that should be the least of our worries. In fact, I believe that at the core of health itself is feeling great, keep the body free of diseases and be able to perform the things that we love doing such as playing sports, spend time with our loved ones and have quality of life. I have the same weaknesses as everyone else; I love food, my nutrition is influenced by my family and I am not perfect. My goal through this blog is not to say I know everything and you should do as I say; it is meant to expand my knowledge and deal with this obsession I have in helping myself and people achieve fitness through passion, commitment and dedication.

If you have any suggestions to this blog or any information, please feel free to drop a comment or email me at




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Kevin Hernandez


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