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Coffee Vs Your Health

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What is it that we value in this life? Our kids?  Our Jobs? Our house? Perhaps these values are the root of so many other things that might  be important to us. I bring a lot of the theory of coffee spending. We come across the idea that eating healthy is expensive since organic ingredients happen to cost a bit more. To me it is important that we all understand that in order for us to perform good at work, have energy to play with our kids, and be healthy to not miss any of the most important events in our lives we put a high emphasis on our eating habits and workout activity. If we spend $1.75 a day on a cup of coffee 5 days a week  that means in the course of a year we spend $420.00 on coffee. Can those $420 be invested in healthy meals? Ultimately, what is the difference between spending and investing? What do we value?

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