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Old Man with Muscle - Workout Motivation for Old People

Why is it important for people to live a healthy lifestyle? I was reading a journal by Greg Classman in which he defines fitness for the community of crossfiters. I admit theres a few things that I personally dont agree with but I loved reading this article on what is fitness. He discusses in the article that as you age your body ages. Imagine a rainbow like graph. In one side of the spectrum you will see sick, in the middle you will see healthy, and in the other side of the spectrum you will find Fit. This is measured by body fat percenteges, triglycerides, etc.  If you are young and you are on the side of fit as you age you move to the center of healthy. If you are healthy but cant seem to mantain yourself in the middle of the curve, as you age youre in danger of becoming sick. The question is what will be the decisions we take now that will define us as we get older?   Crossfit.

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